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If You Forgot the Wine, Go Home Mat

on Aug 27, 2015 in Home | 0 comments

if-you-forgot-the-wine-go-home-matDoor mats…they offer a great first impression about your home and your lifestyle. If you’re like us, then you love when folks bring something by to say “thanks for spending all that time cleaning”. But when they don’t, it kind of irks you. For the wine lovers out there, there’s an easy way to let people know how you feel about this. “If you forgot the wine, go home” is the first thing visitors to your humble abode will see. It lets them know that you love a good bottle of wine, and it’s only right for them to have a bottle ready for their visit. Measuring 30″ x 18″, this mat is the perfect says for any doorstep, and the big letters will surely stick out at the ring of your doorbell. If we didn’t have this on our porch, we’d have to be a lot more blatant about things with our unknowing visitors.


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